B.A. Honours English (UWO)

B.Ed. Intermediate/Senior English and History (UWO)

English Honours Specialist (UWO)

M.Ed. Education and Digital Technologies (UOIT)


I have many interests in education. Currently, I am most interested in finding engaging and innovative ways to use technology in the classroom.

Teaching Experience

For the past fourteen years I have taught English and history at the secondary level. I have also been a teacher librarian and have worked as a literacy learning coordinator for the Thames Valley District School Board. I have taught at the Faculty of Education at Western University. I am an e-Learning teacher in addition to being a classroom teacher and I write e-Learning curricula for the Ontario Ministry of Education. Currently I am the English Department Head at London South Collegiate Institute in St. London, Ontario.

Personal Motto:

“If you’re afraid to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” -- Sir Ken Robinson